Club DLC

Utopia 2089 9.99€

Welcome to future!

What's inside?

Utopia 2089 is the futuristic take on what a strip club might look like in 2089: a highly neat futuristic club with flying cars, robot bartenders and all assets in futuristic style.

This content requires VR Paradise Gentlemen's club.

Full description

Welcome to future! Utopia 2089 is a highly neat futuristic club way larger than the Gentlemen's club. It includes two floors, large windows from where you can see flying cars and the futuristic architecture of its city.
The strippers and staff have been recruited from the future; accessories, like glasses and drinks, were imported from there too...

It comes with :

- 4 new outfits for each stripper, in a futuristic style:
  • Shiny coral
  • White spacegirl
  • Mistress burgundy
  • Anthracite laces
- 3 new songs played by our dj

Of course, these 2 outfits will also be available for your strippers in the Original Gentlemen's club as well as for all our additional strippers, as long as you own their DLC :)


Type: Simulation
Works with:
Ram: 8 Go
Graphic: NvidiaGTX 1060/Radéon
RX480 or greater


Audio: English
Text: English
Release date: 06/04/2020

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