Strippers DLC

Diamond, Alisson and Zoe 5.99€

3 strippers: Diamond, Alisson and Zoe.

What's inside?

A new stripper with three identities: Diamond, Allison and Zoe to add to your club and to customize.

This content requires VR Paradise Gentlemen's club.

Full description

This pack contains:

- a new stripper with three identities to add to your club:

  • Diamond
  • Allison
  • Zoe

- 6 new outfits specific to these identities:
  • Black Rivets
  • Majestic Blue
  • Shiny Red
  • Rasberry Gloves
  • Strappy Lace
  • Ribbon Silk


Type: Simulation
Works with:
Ram: 8 Go
Graphic: NvidiaGTX 1060/Radéon
RX480 or greater


Audio: English
Text: English
Release date: 12/23/2019

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